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Reliable Solutions for All Your Underground Plumbing Needs

At Fix It Plumbing in Milpitas, California, we are committed to offering comprehensive plumbing services for your tiny house or ADU. Our highly skilled plumbers primarily work outdoors to create underground pipelines that are connected to mainline sewers on the street. In every project, we ensure to use plumbing techniques and machinery that allow efficiency and cost- effectiveness.

What We Do

Directional Drilling

This process involves the installation of sewer, gas, and water service pipelines as well as electrical conduits. Using a pit launch direction drill, we are able to complete every job without doing any damage to your landscape.

Pipe Bursting

Let us fix leaks and other problems on your pipelines through this trenchless method. Without the need for a traditional construction trench, we can skillfully break and expand your existing buried sewer line while replacing it with a new one.

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Turn to our plumbers today for underground pipe drilling and bursting solutions like no other. For more information about the services we offer, get in touch with us today. We serve owners of ADUs and tiny homes in Central California, including Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.